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We purchased inexpensive software that enables us to close caption
ourselves, anything we can digitize on our Mac. Of course that makes the
closed caption master a 5:1 compressed minidv. Otherwise it was an
expensive proposition costing $1300 per half hour--not including the
transcription. For our films that we cannot digitize we just send a
transcription upon request. The software is great, written by someone who
wanted to help make films accessible to the hearing impaired. It took us a
while to get the program configured correctly for final cut pro, but the
tech support was very helpful. I know this requires the creation of a new
master, which is not a problem for us because we only do it for our own
documentaries, but I am sure that producers/distributors would be anxious
to get closed captioned versions out to libraries. CDF

At 06:58 PM 4/28/03 -0400, you wrote:
>Just curious as to how any library can afford to close caption films on
>their own. We get requests for permission from time to time and have no
>objection but we also have no script. Is it not rather expensive to
>transcribe & caption a feature film ? I know there are some places that
>give grants for this sort of thing but as far as we know, no one has ever
>done this for one of our films. I understand that libraries WANT to get
>things CC but it does not seem that practical to me so how do guys handle
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