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Subject: Query re DVD lending experience
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If your library has been circulating DVDs for at least a year, and you have
a few minutes, you could help provide information that may play into a
future "Crawford Files" in American Libraries (and, possibly, supporting
material in Cites & Insights).
Just answer as much of the following as is feasible, please respond by the
end of this week (May 2)--and please reply to me (if people want, I'll
summarize for the list):
1. Do you have systematic (as opposed to anecdotal) information on discs
that become unusable? If not, skip to question 2.
If so, could you tell me the percentages of all discs in these categories
that have failed?
1a. Children's, fewer than 10 circs
1b. Children's, 10-24 circs
1c. Children's, 25-49 circs
1d. Children's, 50-99 circs
1e. Children's, 100+ circs
1f. Adult (or all, if you don't separate), fewer than 10
1g. Adult or all, 10-24
1h. Adult or all, 25-49
1j. Adult or all, 50-99
1k. Adult or all, 100+

2. Do you consider early DVD failure to be a serious problem? (Yes, no, and
comments as appropriate.)
If it's a serious problem for children's titles but not for adult titles,
that would be worth knowing.
[If the answer is "No," feel free to skip to question 5.]
3. Do failed DVDs frequently fall into these categories, and is one category
3a. Shattered discs
3b. Broken or cracked hubs (yes
3c. Gouges on playing surface
3d. Scratches or dirt on playing surface
3e. No visible damage but reported unplayable.

4. On what basis do you retire DVDs (other than shattered or
4a. We rely on a single user assertion that the disc is unplayable
4b. Physical inspection without regard to user assertion
4c. More than one user asserts the disc is unplayable
4e. Combination or other: Please describe briefly

5. Do you take any of the following preventive or corrective measures?
(Yes, no, comments as appropriate)
5a. Replacing standard DVD boxes with cases that don't use
"press-to-release" hubs
5b. Patron education on care of DVDs (including not treating them as toys
and using press-to-release) and washing as needed (wiping side-to-side,
never around the disc)
5c. Washing "unusable" DVDs to see if it's just dirt
5d. Optical paste kits (e.g., Maxell's $13 kits or more expensive kits)
that purport to repair minor scratches
5e. Liquid treatments
5f. Abrasive treatments (e.g. Disc Dr.)
5g. Others (describe)?
If some preventive/corrective measures have helped and others haven't, I'd
love to know that.
6. If you can compare DVD problems with CD problems, would you say:
6a. DVDs fail faster and more frequently
6b. About the same
6c. CDs fail faster and more frequently

7. Can I quote you in the column or supplemental material? (If so, please
include name and affiliation. I will NOT quote anyone without permission.)
8. If you need to say something about this that I haven't covered, now's the
9. Can I ask one or two follow-up questions by email if it seems
Walt Crawford, RLG but acting as an American Libraries columnist

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