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Mark, at first, we went with broad categories - sleeves in labeled bins on a
table. People would pull the sleeves and we would retrieve the video from a
closed access area. When the decision to shift from closed access to open
floor shelving was made, we decided we had to go with Dewey numbers. We
changed over about 6000 videos to Dewey categories. Most of the time, the
cataloger got the number from the OCLC record. However, I always double
checked the number to be sure the video fell into the category where it
would give the patrons the greatest access. Sorry, but in the long run, I
think you would be happier going with a standard classification system.

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I would like to get examples of how non-fiction videos are shelved. We
have a large collection from Animals to World Travel. They are sorted in
42 major subjects. Most of the videos are shelved alphabetical first by
series then by title. I get more request by
subject than by title. If someone ask for the title, I try to think of the
subject then look for the title. If that does not work, then I look it up
and see if it part of a series. We are looking at ways to shelve them by
sub-subject. Examples would be Sports (Baseball), U.S. Travel (State),
Health (Cancer). We do not have the staff to Dewey it (sorry about the
pun). Thoughts are for using a picture sticker, subject label, or 1-3
letter label
(Bas-Baseball, IN-Indiana, Can-Cancer). I would like to know how others
libraries help their guest find a tape.

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