[Videolib] Shelving Non-Fiction videos

Mark Kratzner (MKratzner@and.lib.in.us)
Mon, 28 Apr 2003 15:37:55 -0500

I would like to get examples of how non-fiction videos are shelved. We
have a large collection from Animals to World Travel. They are sorted in
42 major subjects. Most of the videos are shelved alphabetical first by
series then by title. I get more request by
subject than by title. If someone ask for the title, I try to think of the
subject then look for the title. If that does not work, then I look it up
and see if it part of a series. We are looking at ways to shelve them by
sub-subject. Examples would be Sports (Baseball), U.S. Travel (State),
Health (Cancer). We do not have the staff to Dewey it (sorry about the
pun). Thoughts are for using a picture sticker, subject label, or 1-3
letter label
(Bas-Baseball, IN-Indiana, Can-Cancer). I would like to know how others
libraries help their guest find a tape.

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