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I have a few questions about this policy. What do you do when the copy is
damaged/lost, is it replaced with the original or do you just burn another
copy?Why is this OK for CD-ROMs and not all digital media?

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>Re: the CD-ROMs
>I used to work for a library where the policy was to copy CD-ROMs, lock
>up the original, and loan the copy. I think this is common...
>As for copying anything from Disney...Dangerous ground.
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>> A patron suggested:
>> "Burn Copies of and loan out only copies of CDROM Media.
>> If it is permissible within current copyright laws, I suggest that
>copies be
>> made of all new and existing CDROM material in the library's
>collection, and
>> that only copies be made available for patron loan. Therefore if the
>copy of
>> the CDROM is lost or damaged, it could be quickly replaced with
>> replacement cost and inconvenience to patrons as well".
>> They also said they knew of a library's YA dept. that circulated ONLY
>> copies of their Disney movies that they made, not the originals.
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