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Thanks Barb.


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We didn't put copyright dates in our collection development policy, but
I'd say that my guidelines are about the same as what you describe. Age
might vary -- ten years isn't much for history, but if it's computer
related, 2 years might be too old. Unless it's a known classic, I
wouldn't order an older video without having the faculty person preview


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Subject: [Videolib] Media Collection Development Policies--Chronology

Hello everyone,

This question is directed more towards the academic media collection
development manager.

I want to hear your opinion about what kind of guidelines do you follow
when purchasing documentaries, particularly the year the documentary was

Currently our Scope of Coverage as far as chronology is concerned states
the following: Priority is given to documentary programs produced
within the past ten years. Older programs will be purchased only when
they are classic titles or when it has been determined that no more
recent production offers the save level of coverage -- in terms of
content or quality. There are no chronological guidelines for the
purchase of feature films


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