RE: [Videolib] media reserves

Bergman, Barbara J (
Wed, 23 Apr 2003 16:58:27 -0500

I don't think there's anything that says a video can't be on reserve
indefinitely, since it's like a book, as opposed to re-using a journal

If the problem is that you're becoming a storehouse for personal tapes
-- We return them to the faculty members at the end of the semester.
If they want anything put back on reserve, they have to bring it back to

Regarding rentals from elsewhere -- we don't accept them for reserves.
It's not so much fair use issues, but more the short time period & the
problem of responsibility in case something bad happens to the tape.
I'm thinking the no rentals on reserve kind of stems from the truce
established between libraries and video stores in the '80s....(Correct
me if I'm wrong.)


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