Re: [Videolib] Coleman Film/Maria of the Pueblos

Brigid Duffy (
Tue, 22 Apr 2003 08:36:55 -0700

Coleman Film Enterprises used to be at 9101 Barton, Shawnee Mission, Kansas
(now the address of some company called Paddock Productions). RMI Media
Productions ( or phone (800) 745-5480 ) is also
in Shawnee Mission and has another Coleman Film Enterprises Production "The
Art of Persuasion". Maybe they could give you a clue on Coleman.

Hope this helps.

Brigid Duffy
Audio Visual/ITV Center
San Francisco State University
San Francisco CA 94132-4200

> We are in the midst of a captioning project and need to contact the
>copyright holder - Coleman Film Enterprises Production - of "Maria of the
>Pueblos" but have exhausted all of our leads. Does anyone have information
>on the company or the production?
>Cathleen Cummings
>Media Resources Specialist
>Santa Rosa Junior College
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