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The law sez you need performance rights. Whether or not the copyright cops
will come bursting thru the door with their ligitious guns ablaze is
another issue...


At 11:33 AM 4/21/2003 -0400, you wrote:
>A librarian in our system has planned an all staff night to watch a
>feature film. The people in attendance will all be staff members and/or
>members of their families. No general public will be included.
>I am under the impression that public performance rights will be
>needed. The person planning it is a new staff member who says she has
>done this at a previous library and that she consulted "the movie studios"
>and has been told public performance rights are not needed under the above
>described conditons.
>As the "resident expert" I've been asked to interpret the law. As I said,
>I think the performance rights are needed.
>What say you all? And can you give me the exact citation to the law that
>I'll need to plead the case.
>Please reply directly to me and copy the list.
>Thanks in advance for your collective wisdom.
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