Re: [Videolib] full size VHS camcorders

Rick Faaberg (
Thu, 17 Apr 2003 13:43:15 -0700

On 4/17/03 1:15 PM "Jerry Notaro" <> sent this

>> Does anyone know of source where I can buy several full size VHS
>> camcorders? Ideally I am looking for Panasonic brand camcorders.
>> Since they play/record on regular VHS tapes it is very convenient for
>> our faculty and students. Our mini-DV cameras require a transfer for
>> classroom playback.

If you have "technology-aggressive" local K-12 districts in your area, they
may be beginning to hang up the 1/2" VHS and moving to MiniDV. I saw the
bigger richer districts in my area begin that transition and begin stowing
the 1/2" in the back room.

I know that's a problem for classroom playback, but minidv to VHS dubs is
certainly something that student library assistants could handle.

So you might check with local K-12 and see what they're up to.

But in the bigger picture (no pun intended), let's not have VHS last as long
as 16mm has! :-)

Just a thought or two,

Rick Faaberg

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