[Videolib] Query: all Millennium materials booking module users

Jeffrey Clark (clarkjc@jmu.edu)
Thu, 17 Apr 2003 08:51:44 -0400


I hesitate to bring up a subject again that I think we've touched on at
random in past years. But there are always new impressions as time passes.
And now my library is seriously considering the upgrade from the old
Innovative Interfaces system to their new Millennium (instead of another
system altogether).

The materials booking module is part of the package we've been offered and
the task force finds worth considering. (I've had no experience with the
old II version of this at all.) While we are going to try and find an
experienced user to visit within Virginia, I'd also like to get impressions
from others of you who may use the module. This would be helpful especially
if we end up not being able to make a visit within our short timespan to a
site that uses materials booking.

If you prefer or think it appropriate, you can email me directly instead of
the list.

Thanks in advance,


Jeff Clark
Media Resources (MSC 1701)
James Madison University
540-568-6770 (voice)
540-568-3405 (fax)

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