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Hi videolist people: I'm not sure if you guys are talking about videotape
repair equipment (i.e. the splicing tabs, splicing block, etc.) or the
evaluation equipment. While you can get both the expensive evaluation
equipment and the repair equipment/supplies from RTI, there are other
less-expensive places to purchase the repair supplies. Specialty Store
Services (800) 999-0771 ( and The Video
Store Shopper (800) 325-6867 ( both have videotape
repair supplies (Kinyo splicing tabs, Tape-Mender video tape splicing
block, etc.) My first book, Developing and Maintaining Video Collections
(ABC-Clio, 1985) details how you can make your own inexpensive splicing pad
and provides other information for companies still in existance. If you
want video evaluation equipment, RTI is THE company to go to for expensive
stuff ($1500-$7500) but sometimes evaluation isn't always what it's cracked
up to be. A video tape might have a small segment of damage (1 inch, etc.)
that is more problematic than a longer, inoperable segment (say 1 ft or
more) - tracing problem or vice-versa. Some problems, can be
fixed/spliced, others can't (content splices longer than 2 inches, can
cause major video head residual problems. Sometimes, a lower-priced wet
system video cleaning device (such as the ones in the catalogs previously
mentioned - or Demco, Library Store, etc.) are much more cost effective
than the more expensive RTI units. RTI will tell you that those
lower-priced units don't clean the front and back of the tape or the entire
path and that they don't wind the tape on the hub at a consistent tension,
often causing tape breakage at the leader. But, after 23 years in the
library video business, I've seen the RTI machines break lots of tapes too
and I can buy 150 tape cleaning machines from Specialty store services for
1 RTI evaluation machine. RTI machines have their uses and are excellent
products but you've got to have a specific use for them - otherwise the
other units perform just as well. Just an opinion. Jim Scholtz.

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>RTI is one source for videotape repair kits.
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