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"Going To School - Ir a la Escuela" is available in a Spanish language
version (Spanish language narration, subtitles are used when English or
Sign language is spoken in this version). Some of the children and
their parents in the documentary video move between spoken Spanish and
English. The English version is subtitled when people speak Spanish.
Although it'snot what you are looking for, there is a Russian
translation available on paper. The film was featured at the first
disability rights film festival in Moscow this past winter.

You can find out more at or give me a
call at (310) 838.4385 - Richard

You can

Kim Crowley wrote:

>We have a sizeable spanish-language collection in our Main Library. This
>year we will be concentrating on expanding the VHS and DVD collection
>within the Spanish section. I currently purchase Spanish language
>feature films through Baker and Taylor and we occasionally get some of the
>more popular English language films with Spanish subtitles from B&T also.
>The person responsible for the Spanish collection would like more
>nonfiction films (instructional, health, etc.) that are in Spanish,
>preferably with Latino actors. Does anyone have a good source for these?
>Our bilingual librarians do go to the Guadalajara Book Fair every other
>year, but they find only books, no media. By the way, our Spanish
>speaking customers are primarily from Mexico.
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>City of Fort Collins Public Library
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