[Videolib] re: damaged in a series

Michael Vollmar-Grone (vollmami@oplin.lib.oh.us)
Thu, 10 Apr 2003 15:23:57 -0400

If it's a popular series, such as "Sopranos", I just add another set to
the collection. Attrition and eventual weeding will remove the odd
volumes when the popularity of the series has ebbed.
If it's a quality series, such as "Eyes On the Prize", I buy another set.
If finances are tight, or it's not an A#1 work, or it's out of print,
then a used set from eBay or similar source works great.

Michael Vollmar-Grone
Amos Memorial Public Library
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Sidney, Ohio  45365

"Your Unique Video Source"

<What do you all do when a video (part of a series) is damaged? It seems to me that it's <difficult to buy just ONE video of a series, most vendors want us to buy the entire thing. (My <example du jour is: one of my "Eyes on the prize" videos is damaged.)

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