[Videolib] Film search: 3 Latin American plays

Marilyn Huntley (mhuntley@hamilton.edu)
Thu, 10 Apr 2003 14:51:12 -0400

Hello everyone,
Three years ago I was looking for these same titles for the same professor,
and now she's back asking me to try again. (Fortunately, she's whittled her
list down from 17 titles to 3.) What I believe she has given me is a list
of works by Latino play-writers, and she's hoping that someone may have
made movies from these plays. In fact, two of them are listed in the
Internet Movie Database, but of course that doesn't mean the films are
available in the U.S. I've spent all the time I can on this search, so I'm
hoping you can help me. We could use a VHS tape, Region 1 DVD, or 16mm film.

"Saverio el cruel" - play written by Roberto Arlt; an Argentine film was
made in 1977, directed by Ricardo Wullicher.

"Los soles truncos" - play written by Rene Marques; no evidence of a film.

"La nona" (or Grandma) - play written by Roberto Cossa; an Argentine film
was made in 1979, directed by Hector Olivera.

Thanks in advance for any information you can send me.

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