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Jessica, is it okay if I forward this to Candice Brown? She is the person
who really needs the information.



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First of all there are in fact VERY few Feature films you CAN purchase
with PPR. Basically only us small "art" companies will sell feature
films ( Kino , Milestone, New Yorker etc). Studios will NEVER SELL PPR
rights with films. Other than something like an A @E or educational film
that might COME with PPR included I don't think a PUBLIC library should
EVER buy PPR unless it is a VERY large system buying for the rights to
program the title in the whole system
The vast majority of libraries will end up making a licensing deal with
MPLC or the SWANK company with the similar name. They basically license
for a yearly fee the rights to a large group of mainly Hollywood films
I really don't know that much about the pricing. The only thing to
be VERY, VERY careful of, is making SURE that they can license what
you want to program. For the most part they have only a limited number
of foreign, independent and documentary films. You might consider
RENTING or buying one THESE films to supplement a program ( and support us
little guys). So long as you make sure that film you want to show is on
the list of the licensing company , you should be OK.

Also if you plan really LIMITED programming it may be more cost
effective to just rent 6 titles a year from whoever owns them
than buy a license.


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