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Francis, thanks so much for the information on Gemtrak. Several other people contacted me to say they used it, loved it,etc. I imagine it is extremely expensive, but so is the compact moveable shelving we are looking at now. So we'll check this out before making a commitment to the other.

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Maureen...We are in process of installing ProMedia Gemtrak shelving
for our video collection. We decided against moveable shelving as it is
more difficult to install and more cumbersome to use. We are out of room
in our present location where we have more than 11,000 video tapes and
DVDs shelved on traditional support type shelves. The GemTrak high
density shelving units will more than triple our capacity and we will
still have room for additional units in the future. Cheaper than a new
building. Check this out:

Good luck. Francis Poole, Media Librarian
University of Delaware Library

On Thu, 20 Mar 2003, Maureen Tripp wrote:

> I seem always to be asking questions of listmembers; hope someday I'll be able to supply an answer for someone! Anyway, thanks to everyone who sent me information on their newsletters. It was very helpful seeing what others are doing, and I got lots of good ideas.
> My next question: we are considering getting movable shelving mounted on tracks to house our videotape collection. The shelves are accessed by means of mechanical drives with crank handles. This should give us double the current shelving we now have. We are rapidly running out of room.
> I'd appreciate any feedback from anyone who uses this kind of shelving (I think it is usually called compact shelving; the vendor we are working with calls it quik-lok shelving.
> any problems with it? Thanks for any information you can send.
> Maureen
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