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I am in agreement with Jonathon. We are currently exploring the option of digital delivery of public performance educational material from our resource collection (all video at the moment) to our public libraries. This is unfamiliar ground for both our system and the vendors we are talking to about the project. It would be very educational, as well as reassuring to know what other activities are taking place with both vendors and users. Creating contracts and pricing structures that are fair and reasonable for vendors as well as users is a big concern for us, since we cannot use the campus population count system that educators have. Please keep the discussions going.


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> Well I think it'd be great if there'd be more discussion on list, I think
its appropriate, because this is an issue I think many of us are facing
more and more and specific comments, ideas and experiences from both
vendors and video users on this list would be very interesting and
I think.

To make it more specific: are any video librarians/centers on this list
currently licensing campus and/or system wide digital rights to
films (which otherwise they would buy on VHS or DVD) and storing the files

on a server, and if so what formats/prices/restrictions are they
using/agreeing to?

Many vendors are confronting these issues now, and your input would be
helpful and appreciated.

At 05:31 PM 4/1/2003 -0800, you wrote:
>On 4/1/03 6:15 AM "Cambridge Documentary Films, Inc." <>
>this out:
> > What do people think would be a fair and reasonable fee to charge for
> > rights? Thank you, Laura Mason for Cambridge Documentary Films.
>Probably best discussed off-list.
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