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Wed, 02 Apr 2003 19:29:23 -0800

On 4/2/03 7:07 AM "Jonathan Miller" <> sent this out:

> Well I think it'd be great if there'd be more discussion on list, I think
> its appropriate, because this is an issue I think many of us are facing
> more and more and specific comments, ideas and experiences from both
> vendors and video users on this list would be very interesting and helpful.
> I think.

It (discussion on a public list) about product pricing and such would be
very useful in the legal sense of demonstrating in spades the concepts of
"restraint of trade" and "price fixing" or "insert similar legal
catch-phrase of choice here".

I have an attorney's opinion about such discussions on public email lists
and/or forums and his recommendation is loosely "don't do it" and "if you
are, stop it right now".

I can't find his email right now, but if anybody wants it I'll look for it.
I might also need to get his clearance to further share it.

But beyond that... I believe that once you have come to agreement with your
vendor of choice as to how you are implementing 100% security on your
streaming delivery system, many distributors have viewed streaming rights as
roughly equivalent to "duplication rights" (some exceptions of course). So
as a rough estimate, hark back to dupe rights' average cost and that would
probably be close enough for budget purposes FOR DOCUMENTARY, EDUCATIONAL
materials. Feature films - no go, believe me! :-)

> To make it more specific: are any video librarians/centers on this list
> currently licensing campus and/or system wide digital rights to documentary
> films (which otherwise they would buy on VHS or DVD) and storing the files
> on a server, and if so what formats/prices/restrictions are they
> using/agreeing to?

Materials I licensed were for any streaming or CD format (mpeg1, QT, Real,
WSF) and distribution was limited to my clientele (200 local K-12 schools,
100,000 students). The licenses were for streaming/CD only, but I believe
most of my suppliers would have allowed short-lived and/or caching downloads
at strategic "edges" of the WAN that was our delivery channel.

One other bit of advice - if you purchase digital rights on your top 200
titles instead of just your top 10, you're going to get a lot better price!

Duh! :-)


Rick Faaberg

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