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Delin, Peter (
Tue, 01 Apr 2003 15:06:13 +0200

Dear Mary,

I think you are completely right. Most DVD cases have design flaws
concerning the center button. In our library we had the same problem.
That is why we change all DVD to special cases with a button similar to
that in CD cases ("jewel boxes"). Here is a site presenting the "zoo" of
different buttons in DVD cases (please click on the producer's name):
In the meantime we have gathered a collection of 18 different boxes.

I suppose you are right with your presumption that a further reason why
DVD discs crack more easily at the hub ring than CD disks might be the
structure of the DVD - beside the unappropriate hub design.
DVDs are made completely different from CDs. A CD is always made of 1
polycarbonate disc, whereas a DVD is always (!) made of 2 polycarbonate
discs bonded together similar to the former Laserdisc. With DVD-5 - the
one layer discs - the second polycarbonate disc is a sheer dummy. You
can see the 2-disc design when you cut a DVD in the middle. This might
cause more instability around the hubring.

This german language site illustrates the structure of DVD discs:
Here you can see the corresponding structure of a CD disc:

With kind regards
Peter Delin/Videolektorat
Zentral- und Landesbibliothek Berlin

MARYG schrieb:
> I'm forwarding some recent correspondence with Jim Taylor whose site
> is my bible for technical DVD info. After tossing
> far too many DVD's because of center ring damage the last straw for me was
> purchasing "Lord of the Rings : Fellowship of the Rings (Extended Version)"
> and almost damaging the DVD by trying to remove it from the case. I
> decided to see if there was any way to try and get the message to
> distributors that this product is a failure. Since they're making $$ hand
> over fist, I doubt that much will be accomplished but I'm encouraged that
> Jim & his colleague from PC Magazine are taking it seriously enough to
> address the problem in a national magazine. Keep a lookout
> for the article.
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> From: Don Labriola
> Sent: 3/25/2003 9:36 AM
> Subject: FW: DVD center ring damage
> Hi Mary:
> Jim forwarded me your message and thought that the two of us might be
> interested in discussing this further. I'll be writing a feature for PC
> Magazine next month about these issues, which might help achieve the
> goal you mention in your final sentence.
> Don Labriola
> Contributing Editor, PC Magazine
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> From: Mary Gontarek []
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> Subject: [subs] DVD center ring damage
> I'm a media services librarian at a medium sized public library. We own
> over 5,000 videos and up to 1,000 DVD's. I'm sure our DVD collection
> will continue to grow as videos are phased out. I'm finding more and
> more DVD's with cracking around the center ring - regardless of the
> case. I no longer purchase Alpha cases which seemed to be the worst
> culprits in causing this type of damage - but I'm now finding similiar
> damage using cases which at first glance seem to be harmless. This is
> something I've never seen with CD's or CD-ROM's even with typical
> careless use by library patrons. The only conclusion I can draw is that
> there's a fundamental flaw in the design of the DVD itself. Could the
> dual layers put more stress on the center ring even under normal
> handling conditions? I know our local video rental stores are not happy
> with the format either. Do you have any suggestions for expressing our
> dissatisfaction to the powers that be? Mary Gontarek Owatonna Public
> Library
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