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Kevin if you want video reviews of nonfiction "how-to"programs then you
should try issues of the Video Librarian, Booklist and Library
Journal. The problem with BKL and LJ is that they have no subject index
and Media Review Index is out of date (not sure about out of print at this
writing). VL is most comprehensive. Randy Pitman is on this list serv and
a past president of ALA's Video Round Table. E-mail him at and maybe he can set you up with a temporary
password for Video Librarians on-line, comprehensive database of reviews
(it is excellent!!). Randy's ph. is (360) 830-9345 / Seabeck, WA. Jim

At 08:20 PM 3/31/2003 -0500, you wrote:
>Thank You, these are great sources for documentary film reviews. However,
>I am looking for reviews of videos, which are not feature films, and are
>not exactly documentaries either. They are more like how to videos such
>as productions by the Food Network, "Good Eats" or "30 Minute Meals". I
>know that magazines such as "Cooks Illustrated" review cookbooks but I
>haven't seen any reviews of these types of videos.
>When I looked at the sources you mentioned, I saw many fine reviews of
>independent films and documentaries, but what I need a source for "how-to"
>type video reviews.
>I apologize for not being clearer the first time.
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>The IMDB and Rotten Tomatoes are great if you need feature films. Not so
>much if you need documentaries.
> Educational Media Reviews Online
>Set subject to Agriculture -- leave everything else blank.
> Video Librarian -- See if your library has a subscription to the
>print version (or better yet, ask the media librarian if they have Video
>Librarian Plus, so you can search the whole works
>full-text) <>
> <>
> Search Library Lit database for the video reviews from Library
>Journal, Booklist, etc.
> If you have Media Review Digest you ll find that it leads you to
>these sources.
>Anything that I m forgetting guys?
>Barb Bergman
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>Subject: [Videolib] Source for reviews of food videos.
>Dear list.
>I am currently working on a project for a class in my MLS program. I am
>compiling a list of audio and video sources related to food. One of the
>requirements of the project is to link to reviews of each item. Can any
>of you think of a source where I might find reviews of this type of
>video? I have tried IMDB and with no luck. Any help
>would be greatly appreciated.
>Kevin Smith

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