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Dear Steve,

I read your comments about "Divine Intervention" with great interest, since i am a big fan of the film and the filmmaker. Elia Suleiman is one of the most articulate filmmakers working in the Arab world today. For years, Palestinians have been accused of not being eloquent enough in telling their story. Now that they have a cutting edge filmmaker making award winning films, people are being discouraged from seeing his films for being too slow and intellectual. It is very revealing that you actually took the initiative to prevent others from seeing a film that you yourself describe as "beautifully made" at a local film festival.

It is about time, I think that you re-examine your views on censorship. Taking a stand against Israeli policies is not yet a crime in this country; please don't encourage others to treat it as such.

John Sinno
Arab Film Distribution

More serious attempts at censoring the Palestinian side of the Israeli/Palestinian conflict take place everyday. Here is an example of the latest one:

This is from AFP ( Agence France Presse )
About 3 months ago ARTE TV (French/German) bought the rights to our award winning film "Jenin Jenin". The program was slated to air on April 1st (tomorrow). The airing was canceled yesterday due to pressure from some Jewish groups in France.

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>> I just watched DIVINE INTERVENTION and thought the film was amazingly
>> slow....I have seen the director's earlier film, CHRONICLE OF A
>> DISAPPEARANCE, which was also slow. His films are experimental in
>> nature. The ending of DIVINE is certainly totally anti-Israeli....I know
>> the film has gotten much acclaim....but I think that only film experts
>> will enjoy it....I doubt if even very many Palestinians would enjoy
>> it...since almost nothing happens....sorta WAITING FOR GODOT in
>> was beautifully made....few words are ever said...and
>> almost all of the action is trivial, daily things....I told our local
>> foreign film festival NOT to show it in May...purely because its
>> experimental design will alienate 90 % of all viewers. - Steve
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