[Videolib] Not Rated Films

Holly Sammons (sammons@ocpl.lib.ny.us)
Mon, 31 Mar 2003 14:25:48 -0500 (EST)

I find that more frequently I am coming across 'not rated' films that I
either purchase directly or get donated to my library that I take home to
watch, mostly out of fear from the cover presentation that they may not be
appropriate for a public library - mine specifically. My library's
collection policy for films, specifically says we will buy nothing beyond
an "R" rating. Needless to say, I buy too many films each year to watch
them all! I rely on the ratings greatly so when a film is 'not rated' I
get worried. I have found that sometimes these films would qualify a "G"
rating and others an NC-17. I guess I have two questions, how do other
libraries deal with this? (I'm assuming this is only an issue in public
libraries) and secondly, why do films not get rated? or maybe my question
should be, what are the benefits of bypassing the rating scheme?

Holly Sammons, Librarian
Onondaga County Public Library
447 So Salina St
Syracuse NY  13202

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