Re: [Videolib] film suggestions please

Steve Fesenmaier (
Sun, 30 Mar 2003 15:36:35 -0500

I just watched DIVINE INTERVENTION and thought the film was amazingly
slow....I have seen the director's earlier film, CHRONICLE OF A
DISAPPEARANCE, which was also slow. His films are experimental in
nature. The ending of DIVINE is certainly totally anti-Israeli....I know
the film has gotten much acclaim....but I think that only film experts
will enjoy it....I doubt if even very many Palestinians would enjoy
it...since almost nothing happens....sorta WAITING FOR GODOT in was beautifully made....few words are ever said...and
almost all of the action is trivial, daily things....I told our local
foreign film festival NOT to show it in May...purely because its
experimental design will alienate 90 % of all viewers. - Steve
Fesenmaier. Graffiti film critic -

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