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Dear Kim,

Our film, THE TALE OF THE THREE LOST JEWELS, is a love story between two
teenagers in the Gaza Strip, one Palestinian and one Israeli. It was made
by Michel Khleifi, one of the leading Palestinian filmmakers.

For more information go to www.bullfrogfilms.com/catalog/tale.html.

Also there's a wonderful film about the Iranian community in Canada that
looks at the life of asylees in North America. It's called THE TREE THAT

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We have a group in Fort Collins that puts on the "Eracism Film Series"
each year. In the past they have shown a mix of documentaries and feature
films (four in all). They show a film and have a speaker-led discussion
afterwards. Past films have included "Mississippi Masala" and "Essential
Blue Eyed" "Mi Familia" and "Journey to a Hate-Free Millenium." The
series will take place in September/October, one film each week.

This is the first year I have been involved and we are thinking of
"Postville" and "The two Towns of Jasper, TX" for the documentaries; and
"Rabbit Proof Fence" for one of the feature films. The group would like
another film that deals with people from the Middle East. Either a Middle
Eastern film or, preferably, a film dealing with the Middle Eastern
community (a middle eastern community) in the US. Since we still have
lots of time to rearrange films, this could be either a feature film or a
documentary. We would like it to be a fairly recent film.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions,

Kim Crowley, Technology Coordinator
City of Fort Collins Public Library
201 Peterson Street phone: 970.221.6662
Fort Collins, CO 80524 fax: 970.221.6398

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