[Videolib] Query: licensing staff position & salary info

Jeffrey Clark (clarkjc@jmu.edu)
Thu, 27 Mar 2003 16:24:02 -0500


An unusual one that I thought better to ask here where there are more
library related services that might have useful feedback.

I'm looking into positions that might be added to my administrative unit in
the next few years.

One of them is an honest-to-goodness staff member to handle licensing
negotiations exclusively--for digital media and any other library-type
resources, possibly for the campus as well as the library services sector
of it. This needs to be someone knowledgeable about collection needs and
uses on campus, so I'm not thinking of just a body in the procurement
office (with whom such a position would coordinate). But it doesn't have to
be a lawyer, who works out of the university counsel office. In short,
someone in-between in terms of expertise and salary level.

Anyone have experience with such a position, or with seeking to establish a
position of this sort? You can email me directly if you'd prefer.

I'm on a short lead with this one, and could use any input by Monday
morning 3/31.

Thanks in advance,


Jeff Clark
Media Resources (MSC 1701)
James Madison University
540-568-6770 (voice)
540-568-3405 (fax)

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