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OK OK OK OK OK...mia maxima culpa!

I had a bad night last night, tossing and turning...ugly, disturbing dreams
about being chased down endless, popcorn littered aisles by David Shepard
wielding a flaming roll of celluloid...

If the world were composed of solely of Kinos and Milestones (and Firs
Run/Icaruses, and Cinema Guilds, and New Day Films...), I would be a happy
(and far less grumpy) guy.

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><< God help us if we leave preservation of the cultural record to the
>sellers... >>
>Love ya babe, and I was right with you to the end! However, the above is a
>VERY broad statement, especially since at least two distributors on this list
>(Kino and Milestone) are dedicated to leaving films better off when we're
>gone than when we started. We didn't publicize it, but Milestone's 10th
>anniversary tour donated over $30,000 to four film archives' preservation
>funds, and we've paid over $150,000 in royalties from distributing their
>films. And there's plenty more producers and distributors who are from fairly
>to very responsible with their materials -- and the Hollywood studios in the
>past decade are doing some really dramatic and impressive work.
>When we're talking books and paper, there is no equal to the best libraries.
>But when it comes to electronic media, I suspect they have few comparable
>preservation plans. In fact, this is a good time to encourage more library
>media people to join the Association of Moving Image Archivists
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