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<< God help us if we leave preservation of the cultural record to the
sellers... >>

Love ya babe, and I was right with you to the end! However, the above is a
VERY broad statement, especially since at least two distributors on this list
(Kino and Milestone) are dedicated to leaving films better off when we're
gone than when we started. We didn't publicize it, but Milestone's 10th
anniversary tour donated over $30,000 to four film archives' preservation
funds, and we've paid over $150,000 in royalties from distributing their
films. And there's plenty more producers and distributors who are from fairly
to very responsible with their materials -- and the Hollywood studios in the
past decade are doing some really dramatic and impressive work.

When we're talking books and paper, there is no equal to the best libraries.
But when it comes to electronic media, I suspect they have few comparable
preservation plans. In fact, this is a good time to encourage more library
media people to join the Association of Moving Image Archivists

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