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Jessica Rosner (
Tue, 25 Mar 2003 16:58:47 -0500

I am going to try this one last time
Distributors ARE NOT COPYRIGHT HOLDERS. The ONLY way you can legitimately
begin to determine a "rights holder" is to do a COPYRIGHT search from the
Library of Congress. All the various sections of copyright law that people
have referred to on this list regarding the issue of making copies ALL
refer to a reasonable search and if you don't do an LOC search I can
guarantee that it would NEVER stand up to legal challenge.
There are literally hundreds if not THOUSANDS of defunct media companies
and you can't just copy something they USED to sell because THEY went out of
business. Titles go in and out of print all the time for a wide variety of
reasons and you don't get to copy something because you can't find it
currently available. Start with the LOC search and see where it takes you
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