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There are no legal issues. The MPAA ratings are merely to provide
guidance about content.

I would recommend informing parents before showing an R-rated film to
their children. I'd be explicit -- We're going to watch Movie X because
blah, blah. It is R-rated for [these reasons.] Some won't care, some
will decide that a good reason, and others will decide not to let the
child attend no matter what. No matter what, you don't want to deal
with angry parents after the fact.


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I'm sorry if this is slightly off-topic. Our YA librarian asked me today

about the legality of showing R-rated films in programs designed for
Specifically she wanted to know if the "under 17 not admitted without
parent" was an actual law or just some type of guideline by the MPAA. I
haven't had much luck finding a concrete answer for her, so I am turning
the knowledge of this list. Please feel free to respond off list.


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