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Barbara Voss (
Mon, 24 Mar 2003 15:08:00 -0500


We have been using Spacesaver compact, mobile shelving since August,
1998. We can now house approx. 6000 volumes in a space that had maxed at
3000 volumes. Now that some planning is in the works for a new library, the
shelving can be dismantled and reinstalled in the new space with added units
for additional growth.

They're clean, attractive and don't present a claustrophic appearance
although they're in an enclosed office area. And I find that it's just as
easy to crank five doors at once as it is to crank just one. Expensive? Uh
huh! But, there were no more walls that we could knock down.

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>>> 03/20/03 02:22PM >>>
I seem always to be asking questions of listmembers; hope someday I'll be
able to supply an answer for someone! Anyway, thanks to everyone who sent
me information on their newsletters. It was very helpful seeing what others
are doing, and I got lots of good ideas.

My next question: we are considering getting movable shelving mounted on
tracks to house our videotape collection. The shelves are accessed by means
of mechanical drives with crank handles. This should give us double the
current shelving we now have. We are rapidly running out of room.

I'd appreciate any feedback from anyone who uses this kind of shelving (I
think it is usually called compact shelving; the vendor we are working with
calls it quik-lok shelving.
any problems with it? Thanks for any information you can send.

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