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I'd like to mention a film that probably won't make other folks' lists,
because it hasn't been very widely seen since its public tv airing, but I
think it's a terrific documentary with a lot of contemporary relevance:

By John Anderson and Laura Harrison

During the height of fears over AIDS, some "extremists" argued
that people with such diseases should be forcibly isolated from the rest of
the population. Most of us said, "that could never happen here." But once,
and not all that long ago, it did.
From the 1920's to the late 1950's Unites States citizens with
leprosy were forcibly transported, often in chains and in sealed box cars,
to Carville, America's last leprosarium. Abandoned by family and friends,
stripped of their constitutional rights to vote, to get married and bear
children, even to use the telephone, many of Carville's "residents"
nonetheless accomplished the remarkable act of transforming their prison
into a home. Secret People tells a damning story of outrageous
discrimination and stigma in our public health system, interwoven with a
haunting and bittersweet chronicle of human courage and perseverance.

Another useful resource is the archive of the Human Rights Watch Film
Festival, which has screened many outstanding works in this area,
especially films from outside the U.S.:

At 10:40 AM 3/19/03 -0600, you wrote:

>Dear Videolibbers:
>National Video Resources is working on a new project with the MacArthur
>Foundation to identify exemplary films in the area of human rights. So
>we’re soliciting suggestions from you, the experts – what are the best
>titles you know under the subjects listed below (no more than 10 titles
>total—distributors: this goes for you, too).
> * Human Rights (history, philosophy and movements)
> * Asylum
> * Capital punishment
> * Children’s rights
> * Civil rights
> * Civilians as targets of war
> * Freedom of religion and belief
> * Genocide
> * Migrants
> * Racial discrimination
> * Right to labor, health care and/or housing
> * Terrorism and its response
> * Women’s rights
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>We’re looking for variety—different parts of the world, stories of
>individuals as well as groups, success stories as well as problems and
>Thank you…and we hope this is a useful exercise for the entire group.
>Carleton Jackson
>Human Rights Project Advisory Board
>Sally Mason-Robinson
>National Video Resources

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