Jeffrey Clark (clarkjc@jmu.edu)
Fri, 21 Mar 2003 16:52:24 -0500

Videolib colleagues,

Since so many of you are from academic institutions as well as from
companies supplying us with video programming, I thought that I'd make this
solicitation with Gary's permission.

CCUMC, the Consortium of College & University Media Centers, publishes a
twice-yearly journal entitled College & University Media Review (C&UMR).
I'm currently the editor, and as always am looking for good material from
colleagues both inside and outside the organization.

The C&UMR focuses on media and technology, related research, instructional
development, and management and supervision within instructional support
services in higher education.

However, I'm especially keen to see that the journal's focus does not
become too overbalanced in favor of technology-related subjects. So as
colleagues who continuously address the use of video media in higher
education among other places, you're ideal potential contributors.

I extend this offer to our commercial vendor colleagues too, should you
have interest in contributing to an educational media journal. CCUMC
itself has some of your number among our membership; we'd welcome article
contributions on subjects that are broader than your own company's
services. For example, I'd love to acquire and publish an in-depth article
on up-to-date trends and prospects in digital licensing of video
programming. The best candidate for addressing this topic could well be a
vendor who knows the field from the practical side rather than a college or
university media center.

So I encourage both academics and vendors to have a look at further
information about the C&UMR on our web site at http://www.ccumc.org. Just
follow the link for "Publications". You'll find tables of contents and
abstracts for most of our past issues, too.

If you decide you're interested in contributing, I expect to finalize our
next issue's content about April 30th. Just let me know if you have any
questions about a contribution or the process in general.

Thanks for listening!


Jeff Clark
Editor, College & University Media Review
Media Resources (MSC 1701)
James Madison University
540-568-6770 (voice)
540-568-3405 (fax)

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