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Gary Handman (
Thu, 20 Mar 2003 12:30:19 -0800

Gemtrak rocks!

We have installed 10 units over the past 4 years and we're verrrry happy
with these. The tab ain't cheap, however...but if you're outa room, you're
outa room!

/2003 -0500, Francis C Poole wrote:
> Maureen...We are in process of installing ProMedia Gemtrak shelving
>for our video collection. We decided against moveable shelving as it is
>more difficult to install and more cumbersome to use. We are out of room
>in our present location where we have more than 11,000 video tapes and
>DVDs shelved on traditional support type shelves. The GemTrak high
>density shelving units will more than triple our capacity and we will
>still have room for additional units in the future. Cheaper than a new
>building. Check this out:
> Good luck. Francis Poole, Media Librarian
> University of Delaware Library
>On Thu, 20 Mar 2003, Maureen Tripp wrote:
> > I seem always to be asking questions of listmembers; hope someday I'll
> be able to supply an answer for someone! Anyway, thanks to everyone who
> sent me information on their newsletters. It was very helpful seeing
> what others are doing, and I got lots of good ideas.
> >
> > My next question: we are considering getting movable shelving mounted
> on tracks to house our videotape collection. The shelves are accessed by
> means of mechanical drives with crank handles. This should give us
> double the current shelving we now have. We are rapidly running out of room.
> >
> > I'd appreciate any feedback from anyone who uses this kind of shelving
> (I think it is usually called compact shelving; the vendor we are
> working with calls it quik-lok shelving.
> > any problems with it? Thanks for any information you can send.
> >
> > Maureen
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