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I'll be curious to see the responses from other academic listmembers.

Frankly, closed stacks for us reduce any theft concern--but not mishandling
of DVDs. Frequently circulated ones require cleaning and possible scratch
repair, usually at the point where a borrower complains they had a problem.

Is there anything unusual about whom your collection is loaned to, or how
it's used? Or are you, indeed, really lucky? (Or me especially unlucky?)


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> Hi all,
> I' like to see some opinions on this. We use a closed stack system for
> our AV. The reasons behind it are numerous, the most being that the
> collection was once not part of the library so it is not listed with LC
> classifications and it is cheaper not to reconfigure the security system
> and buy av safe strips. We have been circulating DVDs for about two
> years now and have had hardly any problem at all with playback, losses,
> etc. (besides the problems of a library OPAC that is not user friendly
> for av materials) I am wondering whether I should just knock on wood
> and be happy that I don't have these problems, or is it an off shoot of
> the closed stack stystem. Do others use closed stacks and have many
> problems?
> Thanks
> John
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