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Madeline Copp (mcopp@jhu.edu)
Wed, 12 Mar 2003 15:25:06 -0500

Dear Maureen,

The JHU Film & Media Studies Program puts out a newsletter titled REEL TIME
2x/year (see url below for issues). For the last few semesters, I have
written a column ("Library Babel") to tell the faculty and students what
the library has to offer (I include selected new vhs, dvd, and book titles
plus other items of possible interest). For the up coming issue I plan to
include a list of journals (electronic and paper). The Department
distributes it both electronically and in paper.


Good luck,

At 08:13 AM 3/12/2003 -0800, you wrote:
>Do any listmembers produce newsletters to promote your collections? If
>so, I'd be interested in finding out how often you produce them, and the
>kinds of things you write about--thanks for any information you can give
>me. We are planning to produce a one page newsletter, highlighting new
>and underutilized titles in our collection, and want to know what others
>are doing.

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