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What do you intend to do with the 3/4" tapes once you legally transfer
them? What if you cannot obtain copyright permission? Will you still
keep the 3/4" tapes on the shelf? I ask because I find myself in a
similar situation.


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My library is weeding out all of our 3/4inch tapes and my job is to
track down the copyright owners and get permission to make 1/2inch
transfer for the titles we want to keep. There are a few titled I
haven't been able to find anything on. If anybody has any info it would
help a lot. Thanks.

Symphony No. 6 in F Major, Op. 68
dir: Robert Saudek (1970)

American Peoples Historical Society (1979)

Lighting and Staging Techniques
Imero Fiorentino Associates, Inc (1980)

Also- We have a film called Future Shock(1972) which Metromedia
Producers Corp. was responsible for. I believe FOX took over Metromedia,
but when I contacted them I was told they do not hold the rights to this
film. Any ideas where else to look. Thanks again.

K. Stanton
Special Projects Supervisor
University of North Texas, Media Library

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