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Mary Lou Neighbour (mneighbo@mc3.edu)
Wed, 12 Mar 2003 13:05:27 -0500

Hi, Maureen.

I am editor of our library's newsletter," Notes & Quotes," which now
comes out once a semester. Previous incarnations were monthly during
term times, but that became onerous! We find that once a semester works
well for us. It usually runs to be 10-12 pages. We have it up on the
Library page of the College website, and have a few hundred print copies
which we distribute on campus for those who prefer to have hard copy.

The newsletter covers the entire library, and so we have sections "From
the Reference Desk," "Staff Notes," etc. We do have "News from the AV
Library" in which we highlight new materials with descriptions, or
materials on a particular theme. We also use the space to talk about
services, such as when we started circulating wireless laptop computers
to students.

The feedback we have received on the newsletter has been extremely
positive. In addition, we put out periodic announcements on our campus
email system that reach faculty and staff promoting new materials. We
also put inhouse ads in the student newspaper promoting services and

In case you are wondering about the title, the "Quotes" comes from
quotations that are scattered throughout the newsletter on various
topics! We have been doing the newsletter for 12 years or so. It has
been a primary tool for outreach that seems to work well on our campus.

Mary Lou Neighbour
AV Librarian
Montgomery County Community College
Blue Bell, PA 19422

>>> Maureen_Tripp@emerson.edu 03/12/03 11:12AM >>>
Do any listmembers produce newsletters to promote your collections? If
so, I'd be interested in finding out how often you produce them, and the
kinds of things you write about--thanks for any information you can give
me. We are planning to produce a one page newsletter, highlighting new
and underutilized titles in our collection, and want to know what others
are doing.
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