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Stephen O'Riordan (
Mon, 10 Mar 2003 10:41:56 -0800 (PST)

At UCSD we have had our share of problems with dvd. They are very fragile
(not to mention hard to get out of some cases). A glitch in vhs will not
stop a 300 student class dead in the water as a smudge or a scratch in a
dvd will. We have always circulated to faculty and graduate students and
historically have had very little trouble. With dvd the main problem (
along with general carelessness) seems to be not carefully putting the disc
into the tray of the player. Of course, when the player shuts, it jams &
scratches the disc. We have; put - BE CAREFUL - labels on cases, use an
Azuradisc disc repair machine, changed hard to remove cases with an easier
design, and threatened to make dvds library use only. Time will tell.


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>At Western Washington University's Wilson Library we have been adding DVDs
>to our collection for the last couple of years. Initially we had hoped to
>eventually migrate our VHS collection to DVD - misguidedly believing
>that disks would be less vulnerable to damage than VHS tapes. Now I'm no
>longer sure this is reasonable direction.
>Our video collection is on open shelves and parts if it, especially the
>feature films, circulate quite heavily. The titles we've accquired on DVD
>have been much more problematic than we had hoped. The big issue seems to
>be the manner in which library users handle (or mishandle??) them.
>Fingerprinting and scratches are epidemic and increasingly users are
>complaining about the frequency with which they are unable to watch DVDs
>checked out from our collection because of this.
>After using some over the counter solutions including Disk Doctor with
>moderately reasonable results. In the last several months we've begun
>sending the disks to a business in our region that resurfaces them for a
>few bucks per. They do a great job with very fast turnaround time but my
>main concern is the frustration that the format is causing our users.
>Have any of you given up on DVDs and gone back the accquiring VHS whenever
>there is an option? How are others dealing with these issues? We have
>begun putting a sheet for reporting trouble with a disk in DVD cases
>hoping that users will communicate their problems to us in a more orderly
>and coherent fashion (rather than a ticked off "Doesn't work!" relayed
>through a student employee). But, we've done this for a couple of years
>with our VHS tapes and mostly users don't complete the form when they do
>have trouble.
>Any suggestions or insights would be appreciated.
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