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Hi Renee,

The latest issue of "Video Librarian" might not have winged its way to your
desktop yet, but here's our review of "Protect Your Family" from the Mar/Apr

Protect Your Family *
(2002) 42 min. VHS or DVD: $19.95 ($24.95 w/PPR). Tapeworm Video. Color
Seeking to trade on the pervasive paranoia following the 9/11 terrorist
strikes, this shrill polemic aims to advise citizens on how to minimize
their families' exposure to the threats of biological and chemical weapons
attacks. In fact, the video slipcase's cover illustration says it all with
the picture of a happy nuclear family--Mom, Dad, two kids, and Fido smiling
in a park--above a picture of a gas-mask clad adolescent in front of Old
Glory. Gad, talk about invigorating graphics! While this may bring a lump to
one's patriotic throat, the program itself (with it's own peculiar seal of
approval emblazoned on the jacket: "Proven Israeli Know How") is highly
reminiscent of those overstated doom and gloom screeds that saturated the
video marketplace concerning the "millennium bug" that would bring the
civilized world to its collective knees. For the record, the program touches
on creating a shelter, purchasing appropriate protective gear, detecting an
attack, and administering first aid. Admittedly, my residence in the
Midwestern hinterlands of Fortress America probably lessens my perception of
the immediacy of a devastating biological or chemical attack, but this
program--with its over-the-top tone--lacks the calm and reasonable approach
that would be most useful in addressing these doomsday scenarios. Not
recommended. Aud: P. (M. Tribby)



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> I just received sales information from Instructional Video about a video
called "Protect your Family: an essential guide for self-defense from
chemical & biological weapons", c2002. The description says "this
educational guide helps you understand the dangers poised by
non-conventional weapons and teaches you how to deal with them - with
complete step-by-step instructions for detecting an attack, giving first
aid, purchasing and using protective gear, and creating an effective shelter
in you home and workplace."
> Has anyone viewed this video? It sounds like something a public library
should carry but I am need a little more information before I order it.
> Thanks for any information you can provide.
> Renee Zurn
> Duluth Public Library
> Duluth MN 55802