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Is this your farm song?

: Farm song
AB: Documents the life of a family of rice farmers in rural,
northeastern Japan over a one - year period.
Explores how each member of the four - generation family deals with
his or her traditional role.
Emphasizes the role of the mother and daughter - in - law.
DE: Farm-life; Japan-; Domestic-relations; Family-;
Social-life-and-customsAnthropology; Gender-roles;
Social-conditions; Rural-sociology
PY: 1979
MT: 16 mm film, optical sound
PN: John Nathan Productions; Box 310, Star Rte; Sausalito; CA; 94965; USA
DN1: Japan Society; 333 East 47th St; New York; NY; 10017; USA;
(212)832-1155 (212)755-6752;;
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India's sacred cow is a canadian broadcasting corp production, formerly
dist by Films Inc, now dist by no one...

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>Does anyone know where I can find copies of any of these to purchase in
>1- Romantic vs. Classical Art: William Blake
>2- Force of the Land
>3- Making Waves Closer to Home
>4- India's Sacred Cow
>5- Farm Song
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