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Mike Boedicker (
Thu, 6 Mar 2003 07:08:16 -0800 (PST)

Several years ago my predecessor found stolen library CDs at a local pawn
shop. The property labels hadn't even been removed. The pawn shop
"offered" to sell them back to the library for what the shop paid, until our
asst. director theatened to call the cops and then they were handed right
over. Don't think the original thief ever got nailed, however. But that's
small-scale compared to last year in Cleveland Heights (I think), where
literally hundreds of CDs and DVDs were stolen from the PL and sold in a
used CD store...

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Date: Wed, 5 Mar 2003 15:16:29 EST
Subject: Re: theft from collection
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Just out of curiosity, have you checked the local stores or done a search
ebay by location to see if you can discover who's stealing the DVDs?

Dennis Doros
Milestone Film & Video
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