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Lori Stevens (
Tue, 4 Mar 2003 13:12:32 -0800 (PST)

Yes, we had a problem a while back with stuff disappearing
from acquisitions before it was even received. It turned
out to be custodial staff. Now things are locked up the day
they arrive and stay locked up through cataloging and
processing until they are ready to circulate.

I inventory videos and DVDs every August before fall
semester starts. We run a shelf list and check it against
what is one the shelf and put holds on things that are
checked out. Many times you can look at last use dates and
get some patterns for missing items.

We use the 3m overlays (the clear ones not the donuts) on
all single sided discs and keep the double sided ones closed
stacks. If I have to replace something more than twice, I
buy the VHS version and it nips the problem in the bud.
Since we started circulating DVDs no one is really
interested in swiping VHS anymore. I have also alerted the
local used media stores that I never sell library tapes and
dvds. If they come across them they are definitely stolen
and to please call the police.

Hope this helps!

Lori Stevens
Media Librarian
Utah Valley State College Library
Orem, Utah 84058

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>>> 03/04/03 01:20PM >>>
First, thank you to everyone who sent advice regarding my
previous question about an instructor who wanted to add
pornography to the video collection. So far, the instructor
hasn't made specific requests, but once she does, I feel
better prepared.

Now, a more pressing problem. We have had an epidemic of
missing DVDs from our collection--not in circulation, not
late. About half were last circulated to students; many
were inhouse bookings, and 7 (out of 28) were never
circulated at all, meaning they were handed to customers
without being recorded in our circulation system, or were
stolen. I think it is pretty obvious we are dealing with an
inhouse thief.

Has anyone ever dealt with a similar situation? And a
related question: how often, and how, do you inventory your
Thanks for any feedback.