Digital Challenge Survey

Threatt, Monique L (
Mon, 3 Mar 2003 13:56:20 -0800 (PST)

Hello Everyone,

I am currently preparing a poster session for Indiana librarians on the
digital challenge facing academic collection managers in the 21st
century (not unlike the one given at the National Media Market.)
Whereas that survey was from a "vendor's" perspective, I am polling also
including academic collection managers and students viewpoints.

By responding, I hope you are authorizing me to use your results in my
survey. Please answer as briefly as possible. One or two sentences
top. Thank you so much in advance.

1. What do you believe is the media delivery system of the future?

VHS, and for how long? OR
DVD, and for how long? OR
Digital Streaming?

2. Do you believe academic libraries can sway market trends in the
delivery of media?

No, explain briefly.
Yes, explain briefly.

3. As a academic collection manager, which formats do you collect?
What formats are supported in the classroom? Or, in the media center.

Digital Streaming

Thank you.

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