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In your message, you mentioned different areas of subject emphasis. Does
your responsibility extend to these various areas (e.g., music,
architecture, etc.)? I assume that your responsibility does include
various formats, so I would suggest Multimedia Department.

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I need your help! My library director has requested that I "upgrade"
the name of our department, presently known as Audiovisual Dept. to
something more modern. If you had this opportunity what would you call
it? Ours is a university library and we collect in all subjects and
all kinds of av materials (not just videos). We also are the music
library, as well as the visual arts and architecture library
(slides). Thanks for your help.


Mayra Nemeth Head, Audiovisual Dept., Library Library Web Manager Florida International University Miami, FL 33199 305-348-3009 - 305-348-3010 fax

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