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Anh Hung Tran's films released in the US are

Vertical Ray of the Sun (A la verticale de l'ete) (2000)
Scent of Green Papaya (Mui du du xanh/L'odeur de la papaye verte) (1993)
Cyclo (Xich lo) (1995)

The FIAF index makes no mention whatsoever of a 2001 film of this title,
nor is there mention in any of the other standard review sources. The only
place Je viens après la pluie (2001) seems to pop up is: a) a scanty entry
in IMDB (but we know how accurate THAT can be at times) b) various Keitel
film fan sites... http://www.stardust-world.com/stars/keitel_harvey.htm
indicates that the film will be released in
lists the film as "Coming Soon"
..interesting info (if you can trust anyone who spends their time putting
up Keitel web sites)

Finally: there's an interview with Ahn Hung (in French) at
http://www.lefilmfrancais.com/cannes/000518/dejeuners.htm that seems to
indicate the film is still in production

>Does anyone have any information about this title directed by Anh Hung Tran
>and starring Harvey Keitel? Was it ever released in the US or reviewed
>As always, many, many thanks.
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