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Fri, 21 Feb 2003 11:29:42 -0800 (PST)

Thanks Mary and Ann.

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Are you interested in presenting or in attending poster sessions?
ALA Annual Conference offers a wide variety of poster sessions, in
several time-slots over 3 days I believe.
Deadlines for submission are usually in late January though, so if you
are interested in presenting, you'd have to develop your abstract for
next year.

The accepted poster sessions are listed in the program/schedule of
meetings/programs you receive when you register onsite at the
conference. Similar subjects are grouped together in the time-slots
(there are usually 15-20 or so per 1.5 hour period.)

--Ann Lindell
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Hello everyone,

This is a silly question.

Does anyone know if there are any opportunities for a poster session at
Annual or at any other venue showcasing media collection, or a specific
topic within media?

Thanks in advance.
Monique L. Threatt

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Every year at Annual Conference, VRT presents at least one program as
as the Gala. This year's program in Toronto (presented with ACRL-ARTS)
about Independent filmmaking in Canada, with guest(s) TBA. Last year's
program was "Media Space Facilities for the 21st Century" and the year
before was "Reel Nitty Gritty: Secrets of Video Librarianship Revealed."

See for full descriptions of these


This year's Gala will be held at the Nat'l Film Board of Canada and
theme is
"An Evening of Canadian Animation." Gala is one of the coolest events
Annual, with good food & company in interesting venues. Previous Galas
included the Fox Theatre in Atlanta, a Bay cruise in San Francisco, and
discussion with Studs Terkel at Facets in Chicago.

There's a lot more to VRT, so please visit our homepage at

Mike Boedicker
VRT Chair

Mike Boedicker
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Dear ALA conference organizers/video libers,

I've never been to any ALA conferences and I'm interested to broaden
scope and see one. Are there any workshops for Media Librarians? I
browsed the workshop list and didn't find any relevant to us. What
of activities can we join (besides the executive meetings) as media
librarian, and what will there be at the VRT Gala?

Teresa Kong
Assistant Librarian
Multimedia Learning Centre
Hong Kong Baptist University Library
34 Renfrew Road
Hong Kong

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