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A question about the Azuradisc system that I couldn't answer from a cursory
visit to their website:

In repairing a scratched disc, does the system actually "resurface" the
disc with additional layer material, or is it basically polishing out the
scrates by leveling the existing surface?

I get the impression that the RTI system may do the latter, just as the
manual solutions do. And was wondering if this alternative is different.


--On Thursday, February 20, 2003 11:27 AM -0800 Scott Lehman
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> I don't have an RTI disc check, but we do have another machine--
> We purchased an Azuradisc 1600 model last fall after researching many
> different refurbishing machines. It works very well, but it does have its
> share of cons to go with the pros...
> Benefits: completely fixes most bottom-side scratches on DVDs, CDs, and
> CD-ROMs, and many discs that wouldn't play at all will now play fine.
> We've probably fixed 150 discs in the few months we've had it. It will
> definitely save us money in the long run if you count $20 and up for
> each disc (especially box sets and expensive CD-ROMs). The unit doesn't
> take up a lot of room either.
> Problems: obviously, won't fix label-side scratches (those are not
> fixable). Takes 4 or 5 minutes per disc, and someone needs to be at the
> machine to change the surfacing plates every minute. That can be tedious.
> And the surfacing papers that you must purchase are rather expensive, so
> there is more cost involved than just the initial purchase of the machine.
> The last "con" is that for many popular discs, they are completely
> scratched up again within another few months. That is nothing against the
> machine, that is just patrons who don't take very good care of our
> materials. Very frustrating though.
> But overall, the machine has worked very well. As I mentioned, we've
> probably resurfaced 150 discs by now.
> -Scott
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>> Hello all,
>> I was looking at the information on the RTI disc chek and was wondering
>> how many have disk refurbishing machines and how well they work?
>> thanks all,
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