Re: RTI Disc check

Scott Lehman (
Thu, 20 Feb 2003 11:27:51 -0800 (PST)

I don't have an RTI disc check, but we do have another machine--

We purchased an Azuradisc 1600 model last fall after researching many
different refurbishing machines. It works very well, but it does have its
share of cons to go with the pros...

Benefits: completely fixes most bottom-side scratches on DVDs, CDs, and
CD-ROMs, and many discs that wouldn't play at all will now play fine. We've
probably fixed 150 discs in the few months we've had it. It will definitely
save us money in the long run if you count $20 and up for each disc
(especially box sets and expensive CD-ROMs). The unit doesn't take up a lot
of room either.

Problems: obviously, won't fix label-side scratches (those are not
fixable). Takes 4 or 5 minutes per disc, and someone needs to be at the
machine to change the surfacing plates every minute. That can be tedious.
And the surfacing papers that you must purchase are rather expensive, so
there is more cost involved than just the initial purchase of the machine.

The last "con" is that for many popular discs, they are completely
scratched up again within another few months. That is nothing against the
machine, that is just patrons who don't take very good care of our
materials. Very frustrating though.

But overall, the machine has worked very well. As I mentioned, we've
probably resurfaced 150 discs by now.

Scott Lehman
Audio Visual Services
Evansville Vanderburgh Public Library

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>Hello all,
>I was looking at the information on the RTI disc chek and was wondering
>how many have disk refurbishing machines and how well they work?
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