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We also have the 500 here and I have to agree that the scratch remover
function does little to help if a disc is already skipping. It clears up
light scratches sometimes, but these kind of scratches generally don't
affect the playing of a disc anyway. As far as the polisher goes, I don't
think it does anything that a proper cloth and cleaning solution can't do.
We don't use the inspector too often here. Sometimes I don't think it picks
up problems that we find simply by putting a disc in a player and testing

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We purchased one right after they were first shown at ALA. The price has
gone up significantly in the meantime, so beware.
The one we have (the 500) has three functions, and in order of usefulness I
would rank them:
1) Inspection - works for DVD and CD, and lets you know if the information
is readable or not. Some discs which look horrible can still be played, and
others which look ok have to be scrapped. This has saved a lot of discs
from being thrown out after patrons reported problems.
2) Cleaner/Polisher - Gets them real shiny!
3) Scratch removal - if the scratches are bad enough to keep the disc from
playing, this doesn't seem to remedy the situation. I can't think of too
many (if any at all) that were redeemable after this lengthy process, but
then some of our discs have been badly abused. It does improve the looks of
discs that were scratched but still playable, so I suppose it has a good
psychological effect. I will give it a try each time, but rarely does the
inspection module give the disc a good report after using this.
I haven't heard of any other machine that does all of this, so it may be
your only option, especially for the inspection module.

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> Hello all,
> I was looking at the information on the RTI disc chek and was wondering
> how many have disk refurbishing machines and how well they work?
> thanks all,
> John
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